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Welcome to the Nu-Pro

Group of companies

We have over 100 years' combined experience in commodities trading, logistics, and warehousing.

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The Nu-Pro Group consists of

Nu-Pro Commodities™

We trade various grains, oil cakes, proteins, miller by-products, fibre, roughage and fertilisers.

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The Nu-Pro Group consists of

NPC Logistics

We specialise in fleet-management and logistic solutions.

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The Nu-Pro Group consists of

Nu-Pro Warehouse

We store commodities when our clients trade future-dated commodities.

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  • EURZAR: 17.47
  • USDZAR: 14.77
  • AUG21 QBRN: 72.91
  • AUG21 SOYA: 7800
  • AUG21 SUNS: 9130
  • AUG21 WEAT: 5205
  • AUG21 WMAZ: 3305
  • AUG21 YMAZ: 3470
  • SEP21 BEAN: 7555
  • SEP21 SOYA: 7875
  • SEP21 SUNS: 9221
  • SEP21 WEAT: 5225
  • SEP21 WMAZ: 3350
  • SEP21 YMAZ: 3500
  • NOV21 QBRN: 70.6
  • DEC21 MSBT: 3303
  • DEC21 MSRG: 4230
  • DEC21 SOYA: 7975
  • DEC21 SUNS: 9235
  • DEC21 WEAT: 5090
  • DEC21 WMAZ: 3440
  • DEC21 YMAZ: 3586.6
  • MAR22 BEAN: 7494
  • MAR22 SOYA: 7840
  • MAR22 SUNS: 8880
  • MAR22 WEAT: 5188
  • MAR22 WMAZ: 3452.4
  • MAR22 YMAZ: 3544
  • MAY22 BEAN: 7690
  • MAY22 SOYA: 7660
  • MAY22 SUNS: 7980
  • MAY22 WEAT: 5186
  • MAY22 WMAZ: 3278
  • MAY22 YMAZ: 3350
  • JUL22 SOYA: 7562
  • JUL22 SUNS: 7988
  • JUL22 WEAT: 5221
  • JUL22 WMAZ: 3360
  • JUL22 YMAZ: 3380

Industry references

About us

The Nu-Pro Group was established in June 2004. Founded as a commodity trading company, the Nu-Pro Group has over 100 years' combined experience, matured to include commodities trading, logistics, and warehousing of commodities.

The Nu-Pro Group has been working in partnership with VKB from 2008 until 2018, building an animal feed business producing 70,000 tons of feed per annum. The Nu-Pro Group narrowed its focus in 2019 to commodities trading, logistics and warehousing of soft commodities.

The Nu-Pro Group has a dynamic team of industry experts, servicing clients in Southern Africa and imports from the far east. We deliver great service to our clients and we "Never stop Growing!"

Commodities trading



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"Never stop growing"

Nu-Pro Commodities™

We are the link between producers and millers/crushers/manufacturers of various grain-based products, and off-takers of oil-cakes and miller by-products to end-users for factories and farmers. Within the commodity trading, we consist of the raw material department and grain trading department.


We trade the following grains:

  1. Yellow maize
  2. White maize
  3. Soja Beans
  4. Sunflower seeds
  5. Sorghum
  6. Oats
  7. Wheat

We offer the following trading services:

  1. Fixed priced contracts (hedging)
  2. Extended pricing contracts
  3. Option pricing (floor / roof pricing)
  4. Mill door contracts

Oil cakes

We trade the following oil cakes:

  1. Soya oil cakes
  2. Sunflower oil cakes
  3. Cotton oil cakes
  4. Canola oil cakes

Miller by-products

We trade the following miller by-products:

  1. Wheaten bran
  2. Hominy chop
  3. Soya hulls
  4. Miller warehouse off fall

Fibre, roughage and other

We trade the following miller by-products:

  1. Lucerne (High density packs, big packs, small bales)
  2. Lucerne meal
  3. Cotton seed
  4. Molasses
  5. Feed molasses
  6. CMS
  7. MCP
  8. Feed lime (fine and grit)
  9. Nutracor range - rumen by-pass fat
  10. Lysine
  11. Methionine
  12. Acid buff
  13. Ammonium chloride
  14. Calcium propionate
  15. Feed grade salt


We trade the following fertilisers:

  1. MAP
  2. KCL
  3. KAN
  4. CAN
  5. Urea granular
  6. Blends on customer recommendations
  7. Natural proteins
  8. Animal proteins (Fishmeal, Blood meal, Carcass meal, Poultry by product meal)
  9. Plant based proteins (Prime Gluten 60)
  10. NPN proteins (NPN Urea 46% N prills, Ammonium sulphate)
  11. Urea feed grade
  12. Ammonia sulphate

NPC Logistics

We have our own trucks as well as dedicated sub-contractors that enable us to give a professional service.

Fleet management

We manage your long-haul fleet to ensure that your trucks generate a return on your investment. We specialise in:

  1. Taut liners
  2. Side tippers
  3. Dropside side tippers
  4. Dropside trucks
  5. Flatbed trucks

We provide independent logistic service to companies with transport requirements. All truck owners are welcome to trust us with their fleet management solution.

Truck owners

Truck owners can rely on us to provide maintenance and management services such as:

  1. Diesel, oil and tyre procurement
  2. General maintenance

Rest assure

The entire operation is insured by Coface.


We provide warehouse solutions for our clients' future-traded commodities.

Warehouse solutions

We provide warehousing solution in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the Northern Cape and Free State.


Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Nu-Pro's service delivery is of great quality. Their prices are competitive, and they always give great advice, like when fixing a price or buying ahead they would see the market go up. I have never been disappointed with their market advice. Their logistical arrangements are also on time. If there is a delay with the loading process, they always inform me. Beefcor is a satisfied client of Nu-Pro.

Caroline Prinsloo

Sales & Procurement Manager

Frequently asked questions

By law we require you to submit the following documentation (standard FICA documents):

  1. Identity documentation
  2. Proof of address (Utility bill, bank statements, etc)
  3. Proof of banking details
  4. VAT registration documents
  5. Company documentation (CK, Trust, etc)
We are here to help you, so feel free to contact us.

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Our team

Niel Ungerer

Managing Director – Group

As founder and owner of the Group, Niel has been with the Nu-Pro Group for 15 years. Niel holds degrees in B.Agric and MBA. Niel believes that to be successful you have to understand your client, their business and their needs.

+27 82 333 3150

Jacques Coetser

Group Financial Manager

Jacques has been with the Group since June 2019. He holds a degree in B.Com CA (SA). Jacques motto is "We will make it count for your business".

+27 82 780 1076

Alicia van der Spuy

Junior Raw Material Trader

Alicia joined the team in April 2012. She believes that client service, friendliness, honesty and reliability are Nu-Pro's key goals. Alicia also received the following awards on behalf of Nu-Pro:

  • 2015/2016 Top supplier of the year - Second place
  • 2016/2017 Top Supplier Award
  • 2017/2018 Top Supplier Award
  • 2017/2018 Top Excellence Award

+27 82 480 6445

Anita Bester

Administrative Manager

Anita has been with the Group since August 2010. She is currently obtaining her degree in B.Com Finance. Anita believes that every query and concern should be treated with the utmost importance.

+27 73 170 9398

Anne-Marie Going

Grain Traders Assistant

Anne-Marie joined the team in February 2019.

+27 78 528 3389

Anton Loubser

Head: Raw Materials

Anton has been with the Group since May 2011. He holds a degree in B.Com. Anton knows that you have not experienced excellent service until you have experienced Nu-Pro's service.

+27 82 887 1125

Arnold Bender

Commercial Grain Marketer

Arnold holds an Honors degree in B.Sc Agriculture.

+27 82 450 5274

Daleen Smith

Raw Material Assistant

Daleen joined the team in March 2011.

+27 72 013 5955

Deone Balbi

Head: Grain Trader

Deone has been with the Group since November 2010. She holds an Honors degree in B.Com Risk Management. Deone believes that be successful, you need to be always available and deliver a top-quality service.

+27 84 403 1544

Elrida van der Sandt

Raw Material Assistant

Elrida joined the team in February 2019.

+27 83 950 8892

Erik Strauss

Junior Raw Material Trader

Erik joined the team in November 2018. He holds an Honors Degree in Economy. Erik's first priority is to deliver the best service to his clients.

+27 72 527 7996

Liezel Langenhoven

Grain Traders Assistant

Liezel joined the team in June 2017.

+27 82 908 7642

Marita Helmand

Commodities Financial Manager

Marita has been with the Group since October 2018. She has a degree in B.Com Accounting. Marita believes that friendly services is not a goal, but it is in her nature.

+27 82 087 0713

Nadia Marx

SAFEX Co-ordinator

Nadia joined the team in February 2019. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and a SAFEX trading certificate. Her motto is "We strive for greatness at Nu-Pro".

+27 58 050 0990

Tilla van Rensburg

Grain Traders Assistant

Tilla joined the team in May 2017.

+27 82 783 2747

Cindy Williams

Logistics Administrator

Cindy joined the team January 2019

+27 58 050 0990

Hanri Bruwer

Admin Assistant

Hanri joined the team in August 2019. Her motto is "Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits".

+27 82 828 1545

Hennie Jansen van Vuuren

Freight Controller

Hennie joined in August 2019.

+27 83 626 5608

Lida Stander

Logistics Manager

Lida has been with the Group since 2012.

+27 81 013 8979

Maryna Hickman

Administration Clerk

Maryna joined the team in March 2018.

+27 58 050 0990

Yolandi van der Merwe

Freight Controller

Yolandi joined the team in July 2019.

+27 71 745 1744

Our core values

We work with integrity and respect towards our clients, providers, and each other.

We take responsibility and work with our clients.

We strive to be transparent and professional.

We are passionate about agricultural products.

We practice being as humane as possible.

We are always eager to learn.

As individuals and a collective, we will never stop growing.

We have fun being here.